The Problem with Genesis 4 Seeding


I’m not anyone in the Smash Bros community, though I would love to be (and am considered to be the best Doc main in Smash 4, within the tristate area). This blog post is just gonna be my opinion about some complaints that have been going around concerning the upcoming Genesis 4 Smash tournament.




Several Smash players in the top ranking are voicing their opinions on  how the Melee It On Me (MIOM) power rankings are being used to seed the top 64 in melee singles. Most notably being Adam ‘Armada’ Lindgren and Leffen on Twitter. Both are making arguments about how taking the whole last year into account when seeding the tournament. This being previous wins and records at tournaments instead of the most recent big tourney. Armada even took to Reddit to say:redditarmada

In all honesty I love Armada. He’s one of my favorite Smash players to watch and he of course deserves to be called the world champ. And he makes a great point to say that TOs should take into account recent tournament wins when deciding seeding in these tournaments. BUT and this is a great big thicc but, it really doesn’t matter.

Coming from someone who Wrestled for 4 years with a tournament almost every Saturday, each tournament was different for seeding. Some were based on the placement at the last tournament, some were based on overall record, and others were based off of Coaches suggestion. There were a lot more factors at play depending on where you were. It was up to discretion whether the reigning champ from last Saturday’s tourney would be first seed or to put him or her lower depending on their overall record. And this is common practice in a majority of singles, or 1v1 sports.


(here are a few other examples)

The point here is that the players voicing their opinions have all the right to, but it is useless to make a fuss about someone taking in overall record into account just as much as it is to make a fuss about taking most recent tournament wins. Either (in my opinion) works just fine. If HBox is the MIOM number 1 then maybe getting seeded at the top makes sense, IF he has the record to back it up. Does that make sense?  It’s like if a basketball team with a horrendous record *cough cough Mavericks* win a previous game, they’re still a losing team and shouldn’t be considered good just because they won the most recent games. Not to discredit recent champs but if I am a TO looking at the best of the previous season, I’m looking at performance across the board, taking into account the whole year, which is all MIOM does.

Of course there are several factors to take into account, but the way I see it, it’s up to tournament discretion and personally using the 2016 record doesn’t bother me.

What do you think?


Mason Hylden



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