The Things You Missed in “Get Out”

If you went to go see this year’s break out horror/ thriller “Get Out” directed by Jordan Peele, you may have left with a few emotions blasting from your heart. For me personally it wasn’t necessarily fear like a traditional horror/suspense flick, but instead I felt a sense of triumph. This movie does everything incredibly well, particularly the atmospheric way it sets you on your edge making you feeling uneasy. From the acting, to the scares, to the way they portray fear and emotion, is illustrated very well and communicated with a sense of cleverness that I personally appreciate in movies. Let me put it this way:

Go see this movie with a group, you will be screaming, laughing, and cheering all in the same block of time.

I can’t really describe to you how this movie made me feel accurately without just telling you to go watch this movie. It handles its subject matter with smarts, and it always delivers with its story. “Get Out” also boasts quite a bit of screenwriting tropes, and great foreshadowing that you may have not even seen coming. Here are a few easter eggs I noticed:


1. Running Scared

Keep an eye out for the theme of running in this movie and who it relates to, you will have yourself going “oooooooh” quite a bit by paying attention to this detail.

2. Deer in Headlights

Be careful of the roads, and make sure to watch carefully for the motif of how Chris (our leading character) treats harmed, and injured animals. This is a reoccurring theme through our and it is a little less subtle but is still a cool consistency.

3. I’m not going to lie while writing this I found out that you can press CTRL-3 and switch to the third tab in you Google Chrome Browser.

No seriously go and try it, it is interesting and I didn’t know that….the more you know.


Point is, go see Get Out 9/10

-Mason Hylden



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