A Tale of Three Benches || Part 1

This story begins with a chant, an echo’d hymn playing silently through.

‘Bench, Bench, what do we do, Bench, Bench, how about you’

Once upon a time, there were Three different Guys sitting on Three different Benches. Bench one, occupied by the first was a black slender Bench, stylized and personalized to its creator; it stood out only for visitors to be took aback by its rough frame and unwelcoming seating. Bench two, entertained by the second was a white lively bench, sculpted for everyone, unashamed by it’s own welcoming position in the middle of the park. Bench three, engaged by the third was a brown coated bench, imported from afar, that had both creativity to making as well as a structure that was more suited for a God.

Guy the first was sitting on his bench, playing his Nintendo Switch engrossed in the fictional world of Hyrule, a land filled with intrigue and adventure, much similar to the very world this story takes place. In his video game induced stupor, Guy the first had neglected to see that Guy the second had moved his Bench much closer to his. Guy the second had heard the calls and roars of this fictional world Guy the first was playing and immediately felt gravitated towards it.

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT WILL SHOCK YOU || Part Two out next month


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