The Taco Bell “Chickstar”

No surprise the great restaurant Taco Bell has rolled out a new invention with its addition of chicken chips to its menu. Essentially “chicken chips” are just chicken nuggets with queso that you eat and it tastes like their “Naked Chicken Chalupa” they once had not too long ago.

The Chickstar is just a combination of the crunchwrap and the chicken chips. It has a dumb name, let’s get that out of the way first. And at a glance seems dumb, but after further investigation it looks pretty underwhelming but tastes pretty alright. Nothing special, not going to lie. Overall an above average taste and I would probably get it more considering their chicken is pretty dang good. Though they replaced the 2nd best burrito with this wrap, I can’t say this isn’t a step in the right direction. Taco Bell will always have my full support and trust when it comes to new food so let us see where this leaves us soon.

Until next time,

See you space cowboy



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