5 Banger Songs You’ve NEVER HEARD!

What is a “banger?”

Scientist say this is a natural phenomena that occurs inside the music world. Even deeper, the album. One can look across the entire world of music to see that there are hidden gems in every single album that aren’t just the ones picked up by the radio. Take ELEMENT. from Kendrick Lamar’s newest piece DAMN. Or Addiction from Kanye West’s Late Registration. All of these songs and more aren’t the most popular, but are (dare I say) music to the ears.

Today I am going to take you on a journey with 5 hidden songs that you may have over looked or may have never heard in popular albums. Some of these choices may be no brainers to some more cultured, but for those looking for something new, sit back and enjoy.  (DISCLAIMER: These songs are in no particular order, so no hurt feelings. Cool? Cool.)



I Saw Her Standing There – The Beatles

Many people know the classic songs from the Beatles such as Hey Jude Day Tripper, and by extension, Imagine by John Lennon. But this song comes from their hit album Meet the Beatles! A classic groovy song with a great chorus. Easy to clap along to and great for all ages.



Let’s Get High – Dr. DRE

A freaking banger album as a whole. Such songs as Still D.R.E., The Watcher, What’s the Difference, and so many more. Probably considered to be one of the best hip hop albums ever, and those who claim aren’t wrong, this is a smash hit. This song particularly starts strong and is great one to roll around with. It is also a great one to bob along to and chill. Great hype song. 10/10 would recommend. Also Snoop is there so that is a plus.



Public Service Announcement, Justify My Thug, and Lucifer – Jay Z

Okay so technically this is cheating. BUT these songs do come one after the other in Jay’s massively popular album The Black Album. You may have heard from the same album Dirt Off Your Shoulder and 99 Problems, but unless you take a turn to listen to the masterpiece in full you may have missed these legen (wait for it)… songs. Any one will do and they are all hype and will get you ready. Personally I run to Lucifer all the time, has a nice steady beat to jam to.




Everyday Struggle – The Notorious B.I.G.

Come on. It’s Biggie.

BUT people really only ever hear his few great songs like Hypnotize, Juicy, and Big Papa. Whereas I feel like his songs like Gimme the Loot and Everyday Struggle are just too good to be ignored. Not much more can be said, Biggie’s flow shines in this song in particular and the whole album just feels complete with it.




The Glory – Kanye West

In Yeezy’s dicography there are so many great songs. So much so that I will probably make another list on it, there are just so many. I picked this one for now but you could easily say Through the Wire is just as a banger. This song has Kanye’s classic beats to it, and Kanye’s signature flow. I love it and you should too. West 2020.



See you space cowboy,





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