5 Banger Songs You’ve NEVER HEARD!

What is a “banger?” Scientist say this is a natural phenomena that occurs inside the music world. Even deeper, the album. One can look across the entire world of music to see that there are hidden gems in every single album that aren’t just the ones picked up by the radio. Take ELEMENT. from Kendrick…… Continue reading 5 Banger Songs You’ve NEVER HEARD!


In recent years science has came up with a theory, we ourselves maybe living inside a simulation. It’s true. Our own reality may not be what it appears to be, but are we really in a world created like that of in the movie the Matrix? We shall see, come take a dive into the…… Continue reading We ARE in the MATRIX – NEW PODCAST EPISODE!

Best Taco Bell Burrito EVER!

What is the burrito? The history of the burrito is one wrapped in mystery and a larger tortilla. Usually larger than a taco tortilla, and for sure larger than a fajita tortilla. Some historians like to trace the origin of the burrito back to the early Egyptian period in history but others say that the…… Continue reading Best Taco Bell Burrito EVER!