John Wick Movie TRIGGERS Anti PC People!

The bench has maybe found the most triggering movie to all of the Anti PC movement. For some odd reason after the release of John Wick Chapter 2, there has been a large influx of movie reviews and content coming out about why this movie is so triggering and alarms people of the anti politically…… Continue reading John Wick Movie TRIGGERS Anti PC People!

The Things You Missed in “Get Out”

If you went to go see this year’s break out horror/ thriller “Get Out” directed by Jordan Peele, you may have left with a few emotions blasting from your heart. For me personally it wasn’t necessarily fear like a traditional horror/suspense flick, but instead I felt a sense of triumph. This movie does everything incredibly…… Continue reading The Things You Missed in “Get Out”

Australian Priest VS. Lady Gaga

Are Lady Gaga and the Australian Catholic Priest corruption linked? Find out on today’s podcast if this should concern you and how it even may have effected her big game performance! All on the 3 Guys On A Bench Podcast.   The NEW episode of 3 Guys On A Bench Podcast will be out later…… Continue reading Australian Priest VS. Lady Gaga


If you like morning talk shows and podcasts about nothing you’ll love the 3 Guys On A Bench Podcast, here’s the newest episode #podcast #talkshow   Thanks for listening to our podcast today! If you want see more please remember to share it with a friend and subscribe to us on iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube,…… Continue reading NEW EPISODE OUT NOW!!

The Problem with Genesis 4 Seeding

FIRST THINGS FIRST: I’m not anyone in the Smash Bros community, though I would love to be (and am considered to be the best Doc main in Smash 4, within the tristate area). This blog post is just gonna be my opinion about some complaints that have been going around concerning the upcoming Genesis 4…… Continue reading The Problem with Genesis 4 Seeding

Welcome to the 3 Guys On A Bench Podcast

WELCOME This is a podcast from a few guys on a bench. Your hosts Mason, Malik, and Fadi come to you with weekly shows with just dudes talking. If you like comedy, if you like entertainment, DRAMA, EXPLOSIONS, ROMANCE, and maybe stories from our lives, you’d like this podcast. We’re on SoundCloud: iTunes: and YouTube:…… Continue reading Welcome to the 3 Guys On A Bench Podcast